She Loves Baking And Gave Her Next-Door Neighbor’s Children Some Extra Cookies One Time, But Then Their Mother Expected Her To Bake A Free Batch For A Birthday Party And Has Been Giving Her The Stink Eye Ever Since She Refused

Milan - - illustrative purposes only

When you were a kid, did you have someone in your neighborhood who would give out baked goods or sweet treats?

For instance, one of my neighbors would always sit outside with pound cake and lemonade in the summer for other adults on the block, and before going inside after playing, my friends and I would ask her for a slice.

If you had a similar experience, your parents likely taught you that asking your neighbors for treats every single time you saw them wasn’t polite. But sometimes, that isn’t always the case.

One woman recently refused to give some bold kids in her neighborhood her homemade cookies after they started getting persistent with their asking. 

She loves baking, and it’s one of her favorite things to do in her free time. She’s especially famous for making cookies and loves experimenting with new recipes. Her friends and family have all come to love them, so she makes them in big batches for special occasions.

“My next-door neighbors have two kids, and I guess word of my cookies got back to them,” she said.

“At first, it was cute. If I was outside and they saw me, they’d ask sweetly if I had any extras. I didn’t mind giving them one or two, [for], you know, neighborly friendliness. But lately, they’ve gotten bolder.”

The two kids have started waiting around her house and invading her space to see if she would give them cookies. Then, a few days ago, their mom knocked on her door and asked if she’d bake a batch of them for her kids’ birthday party. 

“She explained that they were on a budget and how the kids just love my baking,” she recalled.

Milan – – illustrative purposes only

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