She Threw Her Daughter A Quinceañera After Her Ex-Husband Told Her Not To, And Now He’s Calling Her A Bad Parent

Iona - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old woman is currently divorced. But she has a teenage daughter, meaning she has to co-parent with her ex-husband.

And now that her daughter recently turned 15 years old, her ex is furious that she decided to throw the teen a quinceañera for her birthday.

“A quinceañera is when a girl turns 15, and they have a big celebration to celebrate that she’s turning into a woman in Latin culture,” she explained.

The drama all began when she started planning the party with her daughter about two months ago. After her ex heard about it, he wasn’t happy and didn’t want their daughter to have the party– claiming it was a “waste of money.”

She strongly disagreed with him, though, since quinceañeras are a part of her culture. So, she believed it was very important to give her daughter this celebration. Plus, she knew that her daughter only got to turn 15 once.

This sparked a bunch of arguments between them, too, but she tried to shield her daughter from the chaos. Then, she just kept planning the party with her daughter behind her ex’s back.

“For my daughter’s quince, I got her eyelash extensions, acrylics, and three different dresses for the event to change through, and the venue area was quite expensive, but I had the money to get it, so why not?” she reasoned.

Anyway, the quinceañera finally happened just last week, and her daughter was thrilled. It was clear that the teen had a ton of fun, and she was simply happy to spend such a great day making memories.

But, once her ex found out that she went through with the party anyway, he was furious. He actually called her up and accused her of being a “bad parent.” Then, he claimed that she needed to tell him before the event happened.

Iona – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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