She Wants To Expose Her Sister For Messaging Her Husband And Confessing Her Love For Him On Her Wedding Day

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I’ve always sympathized with people whose siblings got involved or tried to get involved with their partners. It’s an ultimate act of betrayal and can destroy families.

One woman is torn about whether or not she should show her sister’s new husbands the texts she sent to her husband, in which she revealed she’s always had feelings for him.

She’s 24 and has been married to her 27-year-old husband, Bob, for two years. She has an older sister named Jane, who’s 26 and recently married her husband, Jim.

She and Jane have a complicated history. They used to be extremely close, and when she attended the same university Jane was already enrolled in, Jane introduced her to her circle of friends. One of the people in that circle was Bob. Although Bob was her type, and she had a crush on him, she wanted to be sure to respect Jane’s boundaries.

“I never made a move because I respected Jane and her friends,” she explained.

“I didn’t want to cause any trouble or make things awkward. She meant the world to me. Eventually, though, Bob and I became close friends. I grew to like him more. I also noticed that Jane rarely interacted with him, which was odd considering she was close to almost everyone in her circle, but I never said anything.”

Jane told her Bob was never interested in relationships, but by the time she turned 21, Bob asked her to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately, from the moment she and Bob started dating, Jane became uncomfortable and distanced herself from her. She tried several times to get Jane to talk about what was bothering her or why she was so emotionally disconnected, but she couldn’t get a straight answer.

She hoped things would improve when Jane entered a relationship with her current husband, Jim, as he’s a great and loving guy who would do anything for her. Still, Jane never seemed totally satisfied.

When she and Bob decided to get married, Jane became more of a mess. Jane cried when she announced her engagement and hardly spoke to her. Then, she discovered something quite scandalous.

nastasenko – – illustrative purposes only

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