She Was Asked To Give Her Honest Opinion On Her Friend’s Dating Life, So She Admitted That Most Men Won’t Want To Date Someone With Multiple Children From Different Fathers

izzetugutmen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her friend, Carla, are in their early 30s. Carla is a beautiful, smart woman with interesting passions and an impressive job. In addition, Carla has three children (a 12-year-old son and two daughters who are 8 and 3). All of the children are from prior relationships, and all of her kids have different dads.

“She had a bit of a careless youth but had grown up a lot and really is a fantastic single mother. The fathers are not in the picture,” she said.

Unfortunately, Carla has been struggling with dating lately. She’s been on every dating app out there and often vents about her bad dates and short-lived relationships. The men Carla dates never stick around for more than a month or two, and Carla always assumes it’s because most men don’t want to commit.

“Yesterday, she asked me why I thought it kept happening. I told her I didn’t want to weigh in on her dating life and that my opinion might hurt her feelings,” she explained.

The conversation was unfolding through text messages, and Carla badgered her three times to tell her why she thought her relationships weren’t succeeding. Eventually, Carla texted in all-caps, “JUST OUT WITH IT ALREADY!”

Since Carla wouldn’t stop pestering her, she finally shared her viewpoint. She told Carla that most of the guys in their age bracket who don’t have children and are interested in other women wouldn’t be willing to date women with kids, especially women who have numerous kids with numerous men.

“I went on to say it’s just a risky gamble, too much potential baggage, and too much potential drama. Alongside the fact that she tends to want a ‘traditional man,’ but isn’t exactly a ‘traditional woman,'” she shared.

After that, she assured Carla that she was a wonderful person and there would be a man out in the world who was compatible with her, but it might not be the guy who had what she’d been searching for.

While dating, Carla’s been looking for a man who’s tall, good-looking, makes a lot of money, and would be comfortable with her being a stay-at-home mother. She added that if Carla wants to find a guy who checks all her boxes, she might have to look off the dating apps and be patient.

izzetugutmen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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