While Working As A Server, She Was Forced To Deal With A Customer Who Tried To Get Away With Reading A Book In Her Restaurant All Afternoon Without Paying For A Single Menu Item

Vasyl - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you are or have been a server at a restaurant, have you ever had a customer try their best not to have to pay for anything by only eating or drinking the complementary items the restaurant serves?

One woman recently recreated a moment with a customer who tried to get away with hanging out in the restaurant all afternoon without paying for something on the menu.

Syd (@poorandhungry) is a TikTok creator who has gone viral many times for her videos, in which she re-enacts some of the craziest experiences she’s had with customers at the restaurants she’s worked at as a server.

One particular experience Syd recreated was what she described as a “universal experience,” with a customer who didn’t seem to understand that in order to sit in a restaurant, they had to actually pay for something.

Syd welcomed this customer, who sat at a table with a book and clarified that they were in a “full-service” restaurant.

The customer then asked for a mug of hot water and a lemon, which Syd gladly gave them. But then, when Syd asked what the customer would like from the menu, conflict arose.

“No thanks; this is all I’ll be having with my book,” the customer responded as they drank their hot water.

Syd then asked the customer if they needed more time with the menu, assuming they’d eventually order something. But then, the customer made it clear they wouldn’t be ordering anything off the menu or spending any money, telling Syd not to “worry” about them and that they’d leave when they’re done.

“I can give you another 15 minutes, but unfortunately, we will need to ask you to leave if you’re not going to be a paying customer,” Syd told the customer.

Vasyl – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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