Y2K Bag Accessories Are Making A Comeback, With Cute Tassels, Beads, And Charms Leveling Up Celebs’ Outfit Game Again: Here’s How To Hop On The Trend

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When I was a kid, I loved a good bag accessory or bag charm. Whenever I went somewhere with a purse, it had some sort of accessory hanging off it, like a tiny stuffed animal on a chain, a fuzzy puff ball, a tassel, etc.

Many of us associate bag accessories and charms with the early 2000s and going to the mall with our friends from middle school. I personally was always a fan of the fuzzy puff balls and little beaded charms that made it look like a friendship bracelet was attached to your purse.

Now, they’re making a comeback!

More celebrities have been stepping out with cutesy charms on their designer bags in the form of little beads and charms.

Some say this trend could be happening because people from younger generations are learning more about late fashion icon and model Jane Birkin, who the famous Hermes Birkin bag was designed for.

Once she had the fancy-designed bag to herself, Jane still found ways to personalize it by stuffing them with as many of her belongings as possible and attaching tiny, colorful bag charms to them.

After Jane passed last year, more aspiring fashionistas have been learning about her life and reusing some of her best looks and quirks, including bag charms. Since Jane, many other celebrities have been seen stepping out with bag charms, from Dua Lipa to the Kardashians.

You can get great bag charms and accessories that range from colorful, big, and bold to petite, sophisticated, and metallic.

You can purchase nicer quality charms from designer brands and even jeweler brands like Pandora, or you can support small businesses and vendors by finding bag charms and accessories on Etsy.

5second – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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