Cultivate A Sweet Spot In Your Very Own Garden By Growing Rhubarb, An Ingredient Perfect For Jams, Pies, And More

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Rhubarb is a crop that definitely stands out in any garden, known for its tangy taste that’s perfect in both pies and jams. And while it might seem daunting to grow, anyone can add rhubarb to their gardening repertoire with the right approach.

So, whether you’re an experienced green thumb or just starting out, here’s how to grow rhubarb successfully and up your garden game.

Picking Your Plant

The first step in your rhubarb journey is choosing a variety that suits your taste and garden environment.

“Victoria” and “Canada Red” are two popular choices, with “Victoria” known for its sweeter, greenish stalks and “Canada Red” for its robust, red stalks and fuller flavor.

Just be sure to consider your local weather conditions and personal preference when picking out your rhubarb variety.

Planting Your Rhubarb

Now, rhubarb is a fan of cooler weather, but this crop can adapt to different environments with a bit of care.

Still, you should look for a spot in your garden that gets plenty of sunlight and has well-drained soil. If you’re working with heavy or clay-like soil, raising your garden beds can also offer a good workaround.

karepa – – illustrative purposes only

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