Her Boyfriend Hid Her Baby Blanket, Since He Thinks It’s Gross She Cuddles With It

Nastassia Kudzina - - illustrative purposes only

This 26-year-old woman still has her baby blanket, and it’s one of the most comforting things in her life.

She cuddles with her baby blanket whenever she feels anxious or stressed out, and she finds the texture and smell reassuring.

Her 29-year-old boyfriend believes her baby blanket is bizarre and disgusting. He thinks she’s being childish by still wanting to cuddle with it constantly.

He told her that she needs to grow up and be an adult, so he hid her blanket from her, and he’s claiming it’s for her own benefit.

All day, she’s been crying and stressed out over not having her baby blanket, but her boyfriend keeps saying it’s a “weird crutch” that she really no longer needs.

He even pointed out that her reaction is further proof that she has an unhealthy attachment to it.

“I don’t think I am actually overly attached to my blanket – I go outside all the time, and I don’t have it with me, and I function fine,” she explained.

“I normally use the blanket at night time to help me sleep better or cope with stress because I find comfort through the texture.”

“I asked myself, and I think I am just very upset right now because of how my precious thing from childhood is taken away from me without any consent, and I am not allowed to get it back.”

Nastassia Kudzina – – illustrative purposes only

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