Her Elderly Grandparents Secretly Traveled To Their Home Country By Themselves Without Letting Anyone Know, And Her Grandpa Accidentally Ran Her Grandma Over With A Car

Daniels C/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Even as they age, some older folk remain young at heart with their crazy antics and silly behavior.

TikToker Madison Machen (@madmachen) is telling a funny but also traumatizing story about how her elderly grandparents’ secret trip to Honduras went awry after her grandpa accidentally ran over her grandma with a car.

Last year, her cousin Emily got married, and Madison helped her make preparations for the wedding.

On the week of the wedding, their grandparents informed Emily that they wouldn’t be attending the wedding. The family understood since they were getting older all the traveling would be tough on them.

It turned out that their grandparents had traveled to their family’s land in Honduras that same week without letting anyone know.

Madison was shocked that they were able to make it to the airport, go through security, cross the border, and arrive safely at their farm in Honduras since her grandma had severe dementia and her grandpa was legally blind.

Once they were at the farm, her grandma escaped and ran off somewhere. Her grandpa decided to go look for her. He got in the car and drove around the property to see if he could find her.

He ended up running her over without even realizing it because he also couldn’t hear very well. He almost ran over her a second time, but luckily, someone on the property became aware of the situation and put a stop to it before it got any worse.

Her grandma did not suffer any serious injuries, but she was a little battered and bruised. The family had to make the trip to Honduras and bring them back.

Daniels C/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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