Her Fiancé’s Little Brother Gave Her A Gold Ring He Secretly Bought With His Mom’s Credit Card, And A Love Letter

But back to her birthdat party: later on that same night, her fiancé’s little brother did something that shook her up.

“Little brother asked to talk to me alone, and that was when he gave me the love note and small ring,” she explained.

“My stomach turned and it felt vile, he could see my reaction and he started shutting down. I returned the ring and said that I loved him like my own little brother and that I knew what a hard time he had with girls and “e-dating” but to wait for his person.”

“I explained that I would always be there for him as a friend, but that won’t change the fact that I love my partner, his brother, and am sticking with him for eternity. I showed him my engagement ring and said that I had just made an important promise to his brother and that I can understand why he felt upset that he didn’t have his person yet.”

Her fiancé’s little brother began sobbing and couldn’t stop. He also refused to look at her, so she knew she was in over her head.

She took the love note, which she didn’t read past line one, and handed it to his mom before filling her in on everything.

She and her fiancé then drove home, and the entire ride was quite awkward. Her fiancé was absolutely livid, and she did her best to calm him down.

She pointed out to her fiancé that his little brother most likely was coming from a desperate place, as he has a whole slew of girls he talks to online and that never goes anywhere for him.

It’s been a couple of weeks since her fiancé’s little brother gave her the love note and ring, and she’s missing the relationship they all shared.

And things have not gotten better, they have gotten worse. Her fiancé’s little brother moved out of his mom’s house and into his dad’s.

“It also turns out the gold ring he offered me was actually bought with his mother’s credit card online and it was actual gold which made his mother go bananas,” she said.

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