He Knew He Wanted A Divorce When His Ex-Wife Asked For An Open Marriage, So He Tricked Her Into Believing That He Agreed, Collected Evidence Of Her Cheating With Her Boss, And Got Out Of Paying Alimony After They Split

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When this man and his ex-wife were still married, she asked him one day if he would ever be interested in opening up their marriage. Apparently, she thought it would help them both feel more “fulfilled” and “satisfied” in their love lives.

While his ex thought it was a wonderful idea, though, her suggestion basically sparked the downfall of their marriage – because, at that moment, he lost all his love for her.

“I lost all feelings for her at that second. All emotions went black,” he recalled.

However, he didn’t actually let his true feelings show. Rather, he knew that, in their home state, you could actually get out of paying alimony if adultery was the cause for a divorce.

So, he essentially played his ex-wife like a fiddle. He told her that he was fine with the idea and agreed to open up their marriage. He also claimed that he wanted his ex to “be discreet” and not tell him about anything she did with other men.

“Then, as soon as I collected all kinds of evidence of her cheating on me with her boss, whom I’m sure she was already sleeping with, I filed for divorce,” he revealed.

Once his ex-wife was served, she tried to claim that he also cheated, but he hadn’t. Plus, she tried bringing up their open marriage. Yet, there was never any actual evidence that he agreed to that since their discussion had been only verbal.

That’s why, eventually, his ex-wife just gave up, and they officially got divorced – and he wasn’t required to pay her anything. All they did was split their “meager” assets and “sizeable” debts before going their separate ways.

Well, more recently, he actually ran into his ex-wife and found out she’d been having a difficult time.

ZoomTeam – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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