Her Husband Threw A Photo Of Her Kissing Her Late Husband In The Trash And Said She Needed To Prioritize Him Or They Were Getting A Divorce

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s late husband passed away 13 years ago. She and her current husband have been in a relationship for a decade. She told her now-husband about the horrible death of her late husband early in the relationship.

Initially, she tried to minimize talking about her loss so that they could focus on the present and their relationship.

“However, over time, my current husband has made snide remarks about my past and seems uncomfortable with any mention of my late husband,” she said.

Not long ago, her daughter (whom she had with her late husband) hung up a photo that caused tension. In the picture, she and her late husband were kissing.

The photo was hung up in her daughter’s bedroom, and her husband was furious and demanded she take the picture off the wall before he “‘loses it.'” Even though she didn’t have a problem with what her daughter did, she talked with her.

“I discussed considering both her stepfather’s feelings and her own sentiments toward her late father,” she explained.

After the conversation, they didn’t have a chance to decide on what to do with the photo on the wall because her daughter left on vacation.

“My husband took matters into his own hands by throwing the picture in the trash and threatening to tear it to pieces if he sees it again,” she shared.

In her opinion, her husband doesn’t have the right to take down the photo her daughter put in her room or control what other items her daughter keeps honoring her late father.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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