She Had A Scarily Realistic Dream That A Man She Went On A Few Dates With Was Talking To Another Girl On A Dating App, And Then The Police Showed Up With A Warrant Out For His Arrest

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Dreams often reflect what you feel and see while you’re awake, so it’s common for the experiences you had when you were conscious to show up at night in a distorted version of events when you’re asleep.

TikToker Colette (@glencocopuff) has endured a lot of dating trauma throughout her life, and all that trauma ended up manifesting in a scarily realistic dream.

The dream starred a man with whom she had gone on a few dates. So far, everything was going well between them. On one particular date, they were waiting to go to the next event with a group of friends at his house.

While they were waiting, he showed her something on his phone. She happened to catch a glimpse of a dating app that he had left open, which revealed that he had been talking to someone.

She noticed that throughout their date that day, he had been on his phone a lot, so this was what he must’ve been doing.

She called him out on it, asking what the app was. He started getting a little defensive, so she made it clear that they would not be going on another date but that she would appreciate some honesty from him, especially since they had gone on multiple dates together at that point.

He explained that he had been seeing another girl for longer than Colette and that he liked her more. Then, in a very cold, unapologetic manner, he told Colette that she could leave. That was when she lost her cool. She was obviously upset, but he just shut down and walked away.

She grabbed his phone and locked herself in the bathroom. He freaked out, but when he realized she wouldn’t open the door, he left.

Afterward, she finally exited the bathroom. Suddenly, her friends showed up, and she told them what happened as they walked. He was walking in front of them and overheard the conversation. All his friends joined in and proceeded to get completely wasted.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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