Her Husband Asked Her For A Divorce Yesterday Morning, But She’s Hoping He Can Fall Back In Love With Her

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One thing this 32-year-old woman thought she would never have to think about is living her life without her 34-year-old husband, James, by her side. Sadly, it’s looking like that’s going to be her new reality.

She met James at a concert back in 2009, and he was super into her. He had just graduated from high school, but she was still in high school at the time.

They started a situationship that was exciting and casual. She thought their relationship wouldn’t last, as she was about to go to college.

When she graduated and moved away to attend college, James moved to a city close by so they could continue seeing one another.

They dated for another year before he proposed, and he sweetly did it at a concert for the same artist they saw when they first met.

She said yes to James, and he moved to her city. They were engaged for four years, and she completed college.

“We were thick as thieves and helped each other through various tumult, such as our parents’ divorce and being young and impoverished; neither of us has a very solid family of origin, which is one of the reasons I felt our relationship was so solid,” she explained.

“We made a home in each other and grew together. We really had no financial support or help, so I was and am incredibly proud of our younger selves for what we had managed to do for ourselves in spite of having virtually no safety net.”

“We got our first adult jobs and bought our first house. Due to some circumstances, he moved to a different city for better work opportunities. We basically had our relationships squished into a 3 day weekend, but we made good use of the time and genuinely enjoyed each other. We did about 2.5 years of long distance like this, but still managed to see the world and still felt closer than ever, though we would often pine for each other.”

gstockstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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