She Planned Her Own Birthday Party Since Her Husband And Kids Did Such A Terrible Job Last Year

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When this woman turned 40 last year, her husband and kids planned her a birthday party all on their own.

They got ice cream cake and ordered pizza, then sat down to watch a movie with her at home. She thinks they did a terrible job.

She says she goes out of her way to make sure every occasion for her family, birthdays included, is over the top, and she’s upset they don’t do the same thing for her.

When her husband turned 40, she took him to Vegas for a NASCAR experience. For her daughter’s 16th birthday, she saved her money for a whole year to purchase a pricey laptop for her.

As for her son, he’s only 10, so she doesn’t think it’s fair to say he doesn’t do a great job planning special things, considering that he’s so little.

This year, she took it upon herself to plan her own birthday party without telling her husband or her kids, as she was so disappointed last year.

So, she had her best friend come stay at her house while she and her husband spent the weekend alone in the city.

They had wonderful meals and saw a musical. When they returned home, there was a party at her house with all of her friends and family waiting for her arrival.

All of her loved ones complimented her husband and her daughter for doing such a wonderful job planning her birthday party, but the thing is, she planned the party by herself, and they weren’t involved.

liligluck – – illustrative purposes only

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