She Slept With Her Married Guy Best Friend And Got Pregnant, But Now His Wife Wants To Adopt The Baby

Aleksandra - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s hard to think of anything messier than having an affair or one-time cheating with your best friend. However, this story gets even messier. 

One woman is involved in a lot of drama with her male best friend after she became pregnant with his baby and is now being asked to give the baby to him and his wife.

She’s 32 and has been close to her 34-year-old friend since they were 14. She’s single, and he got married and has been trying to have a second baby with his wife.

A while back, their friendship drastically changed when she got tipsy and slept with her friend.

“He didn’t take advantage of me,” she said.

“I told him he could tell his wife or he couldn’t, but I did tell him that if he did [tell her], his marriage would probably be over.”

A few weeks later, she was shocked when she discovered she was pregnant with her friend’s baby. She told him and encouraged him to tell his wife. When she asked him what he thought she should do with the baby, he told her she should keep it.

She is still processing her decision and isn’t opposed to being a single mother. There is another option for what to do with the baby, one that her friend and his wife proposed.

“[His wife] wanted all of us to talk together, so we did,” she recalled.

Aleksandra – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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