She Threatened To Drop Out As Maid Of Honor In Her Best Friend’s Wedding Unless She “Fired” Another Bridesmaid Who Called Her Fake, Fat, And A Crazy “Pick Me” During Dress Shopping

berezko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

If you’ve been married, did you ever feel obligated to include someone in your wedding party even though you didn’t really like them?

One woman got into an argument with one of her best friend’s bridesmaids and eventually got her removed from the bridal party.

She has a best friend named Jane, who is getting married to her fiancé, Tom, in July. Because she and Jane are so close, she wasn’t surprised when Jane asked her to be her maid of honor. 

She was surprised, however, when Jane asked her brother Elliot’s girlfriend, Kathy, to be one of her bridesmaids.

“Jane later confided that Kathy had kind of pressured her into it, and she had done it to make Elliot happy,” she said.

“The issue is, Kathy hates me. She blames me for all her issues with Elliot and Jane’s parents and for not having a better friendship with Jane. She also thinks I am trying to steal Elliot from her but also cannot handle whenever he and I disagree on anything and will go way overboard defending him. I was determined to put this all aside for Jane, though.”

At the beginning of the wedding planning process, being civil with Kathy wasn’t too hard, and things were going well. That is until they had to go to a bridal shop to pick out the bridesmaid dresses.

“Jane mentioned that she wanted Elliot and me to walk down the aisle together, but Kathy lost it,” she recalled.

“She called me desperate, crazy, a ‘pick me,’ fake, fat, and a bunch of other things.”

berezko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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