She Told Her Husband That If Her Stepdaughter Continues To Misbehave And Spread Lies To Her Other Children, She Won’t Take Care Of Her Anymore

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Sometimes, when you try to bond with your new stepkids, it takes a few tries before they can see themselves getting along with you. This can be difficult when you try to set some boundaries or they start misbehaving.

One woman has been having a hard time getting her husband’s daughter to behave and recently told him that she won’t watch his daughter anymore if she continues to act up.

She’s 32 and married her husband three years ago. They became a blended family, as she has two daughters and a son from a previous marriage, and he has a 10-year-old daughter with his ex-wife.

“She lives with her mom, but I stay with her whenever her mom asks or if she wants to stay with her dad,” she explained.

“She is usually a pretty chill kid, and I have almost never had a disciplinary problem with her. I absolutely love her, although I couldn’t say she loves me back. She was never disrespectful and understood whenever I put my foot down during any petty fights [she and] the girls might get into. But lately, she’s been openly disrespectful, lying to my face, and downright mean.”

She’s told her husband and his wife about every time her stepdaughter has misbehaved, and they’ll tell her to knock it off, but lately, it’s felt as if nothing works to get her to behave.

Things got especially bad recently when her stepdaughter spent spring break at their house with her kids.

One day, she got into a fight with her 11-year-old daughter over a misunderstanding that turned physical. When her daughter took her chair outside by mistake, her stepdaughter sat on her until her daughter had to cry out for her. 

She decided to take her stepdaughter’s phone as punishment and reported the incident to her husband and his ex.

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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