She Wants Her Husband To Stop Spending Time With Their Female Neighbor, Who Asked Him For Help Teaching Her Son How To Snowboard And Even Went Away On A Snowboarding Trip With Him

nenetus - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While having a positive and close relationship with your neighbors is great, there are still certain boundaries that shouldn’t be crossed.

One woman is upset because her husband has become quite friendly with their neighbor over the last few years, who often asks him to teach her son how to snowboard and go away with her without her husband.

She lives with her husband and son. They have a next-door neighbor named Jane, who is also married and has a son. Five years ago, Jane began going over to her house to ask her husband if he’d be willing to teach her son how to snowboard. 

Although Jane’s married, her husband isn’t interested in snowboarding or teaching their son. Meanwhile, her husband not only loves to snowboard but also loves helping others.

While her husband was interested in teaching Jane’s son, Jane quickly started crossing a boundary. 

“At one point, she asked if she, my husband, and her son could go snowboarding together,” she said.

“I put my foot down and said absolutely not. Her son is now 16 [and] she asked for help buying a new snowboard. My husband is nice and went and helped her son purchase one. She then started texting him.”

Jane began asking her husband and son to go on a snowboarding trip with her and her son. Her husband didn’t see anything wrong with it, but her son was uncomfortable with the idea and dropped out, telling her he’d rather spend one-on-one time with his dad.

She didn’t want her husband to be alone with Jane and her son all day and asked him to cancel. However, her husband stuck with the plans anyway and spent an entire day snowboarding with Jane and her kid.

nenetus – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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