She Was Asked To Bake A Birthday Cake For Her Best Friend, But Her Friend Never Showed Up To Pick Up The Dessert, So She Ghosted Her

Pavlo Melnyk - - illustrative purposes only

This woman is a pastry chef and, on the side, she enjoys making cakes and other desserts for fun. Sometimes, she even sells her creations.

So, back in January, when it was her best friend’s birthday, her friend asked her to make a birthday cake. Since it was for her best friend, she agreed and planned to make the cake for free, too.

“I stayed up until 2:00 a.m. the night before work – at 8:00 a.m. – to finish the cake and have it ready by the day of her actual birthday, which is the day she asked for it to be ready,” she recalled.

Yet, her friend’s birthday came and went, and nobody ever actually picked up the cake. She tried reaching out and asking if her friend wanted her to deliver the dessert, too. But her friend refused and claimed she must be too tired from working.

That’s why her friend said she would send someone else to pick up the cake. Still, no one ever showed up, and she was confused.

The following day, she reached out again and reminded her that the cake was still in her possession. Well, she never heard back.

“And fast forward to March, and I haven’t spoken to her,” she revealed.

Eventually, she finally decided to break the ice and ask her friend why no one ever picked up the cake. All her friend had to say was that she had forgotten because she’d gone out of town.

This rubbed her the wrong way since her friend was the one who literally asked her to make the cake. So, she just never responded to her friend.

Pavlo Melnyk – – illustrative purposes only

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