She’s Sad And Disappointed That Her Husband Only Got Her Flowers For Her Birthday

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Two months ago, this 29-year-old woman got married to her 26-year-old husband. Several weeks back, she decided to tell her husband that she wants him to try to be “more romantic” in their relationship.

She gave him examples, such as asking her to come out on dates with him or buying flowers for her, as she thought he could use some inspiration. Her husband is not exactly an expressive person, either.

“He told me he’s simply not a romantic guy but will gladly take me on dates if I plan them,” she explained.

“Fine, whatever, his love language is physical touch. Not gift-giving. Not words of affirmation. Not acts of service. Just quality time at home where I do everything and physical touch.”

Today, she’s celebrating her birthday, and her husband brought home with flowers for her. They never made any plans to go out to dinner or anything like that, as her family is going to come over.

Additionally, they don’t do a lot to celebrate birthdays in their family. But anyway, last year for her husband’s birthday, she surprised him with a cake, a little gift, and some candies.

She’s so sad and disappointed about her husband only getting her flowers for her birthday, but if she acts salty about it or confronts him, she’s concerned he will never attempt to do anything for her ever again.

She just wanted her husband to be thoughtful on her birthday, especially since she pretty recently had a conversation with him about increasing the romantic efforts.

“I expected him to at least get me a dessert,” she said. “I’m on the verge of tears and about to even cancel on my family.”

maryviolet – – illustrative purposes only

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