She Works At A Restaurant And Got Asked To Pick Up Her Drunk Manager Across Town

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It’s no secret that in the workplace, boundaries are incredibly important, especially between management and employees. Unfortunately, some people in administrative or managerial positions don’t understand that.

One woman was left very uncomfortable after being asked to leave work and pick up her general manager, who had gotten drunk after their shift and needed a ride home from a bar across town.

She’s 28 and working as a front-of-house manager at a restaurant. She’s eight months pregnant and still working shifts.

“Drinking is big in the restaurant industry, and I understand it’s a way for people to unwind after a shift,” she said.

“I don’t drink myself; one reason being I am eight months pregnant, the other being I just don’t like to drink. The restaurant I work at tends to have workers stay after their shift and drink at the bar. The general manager does this quite often.”

The other day, her general manager stayed at the restaurant at the end of their shift to have some drinks as usual. When they left, she noticed they were a bit tipsy. She worked as the restaurant’s only manager for the rest of the evening, so she paid no mind to her general manager.

A few hours later, while she was still working, one of her coworkers, the assistant manager, called and told her that her general manager was drunk and needed a ride home. The assistant manager then told her to leave the restaurant, pick up her general manager, and take them home since she was the ‘only person’ who could get them.

“I was told the restaurant would be fine without me,” she recalled.

Already uncomfortable, she asked where the general manager was and found out they were hanging out drunk in a restaurant all the way across town. When she said she didn’t know how to get there, hoping the assistant manager would ask someone else to take on the task, she was told to look it up online.

Mix and Match Studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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