He Dumped His Girlfriend After She Slapped His Female Friend Across The Face Just Because They Were Dancing Together At A Club

Viacheslav Yakobchuk - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 23-year-old man and his girlfriend, Ava, 22, have been in a relationship for two years. Ava is wonderful, attractive, and a blast to hang out with. While she was occasionally envious when he spent time with his female friends, he didn’t think it was a huge issue.

Three nights ago, he and Ava were at a club with some of his friends, including Emma, 22. He met Emma a year ago, and she’s an awesome woman.

Since he was already in a relationship with Ava, he’d only ever thought of Emma as a friend and nothing more. He’s introduced Ava to Emma, so he didn’t know Ava would be upset if he spent time with Emma.

“So, as the night went on, we were bored and drunk and decided to start dancing with each other. It meant nothing bad, and we were just dancing as friends,” he said.

As he and Emma were having a blast and dancing, Ava walked up to them in a rage, asking them what was going on. Emma began to tell Ava that they were just dancing platonically and tried to assure her that they weren’t doing anything more than that.

“Before she could finish, Ava slapped her across the face and pulled me out of the club. While I was trying to explain to her that what happened with Emma meant nothing, she said she didn’t believe it,” he explained.

In Ava’s opinion, Emma seemed to be attempting to flirt and eventually hook up with him. Ava eventually marched off and went home, and he didn’t hear from her until she texted him the next day. She said that she would continue dating him if he told her he was sorry for dancing with Emma at the club.

“I dumped her for thinking that I wanted to cheat on her and for slapping Emma. I don’t think of Emma as any more than a friend. We weren’t doing anything inappropriate,” he shared.

He would dance with any of his friends and didn’t think he was doing anything wrong, so he was shocked that Ava had been so explosively angry. While he hasn’t spoken to Emma since that night at the club, he’s requested advice from his other friends.

Viacheslav Yakobchuk – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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