She’s No Longer Allowing Her Sister-In-Law To Stay At Her Beach House After She Was Rude To The Airbnb Guests

artur ivlijev - - illustrative purposes only

Several years ago, this 31-year-old woman and her 38-year-old husband purchased a beach house right on the water.

It was severely beaten up when they bought it, and it’s located a few hours from their main home. It was her dream to fix the home, and her husband was supportive of it.

“I really put a lot of effort into fixing it as cheaply as possible, went over and stayed there for many nights, and literally did a lot of the construction (my husband came and helped about half the time),” she explained.

“I sourced recycled wood and such, so almost all the materials are “found” in some way. Once it was partially finished, I thought I could enlist my SIL’s help – so I told her about this project and asked if she wanted to come stay over for a few days with her family and help finish up the work.”

“She brought her kids and husband and slept out on the deck and did things like the painting and building some furniture, etc. When it was finished, it was really beautiful. We started renting it out on Airbnb and have had good success with that so far.”

She did give her sister-in-law permission to stay in the beach house whenever she wanted to, in exchange for her help with fixing the place up.

There are basically two apartments within the home, and each area has a separate bathroom and kitchen.

The apartment located on the top floor she has reserved for herself and her sister-in-law to stay in, while she rents the bottom one out on Airbnb.

A week ago, her sister-in-law was staying at the beach house at the exact same time that she had rented it out to some guests.

artur ivlijev – – illustrative purposes only

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