The Limequat Is A Unique Hybrid Offering The Best Traits Of Both Key Lime And Kumquat: Here’s How To Cultivate This Exotic Citrus In Your Own Backyard

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Have you ever strolled through the produce section or your local farmers’ market and stumbled upon something that looked like a lime but wasn’t quite right?

You probably met the limequat: a unique, zesty citrus fruit that’s been quietly making waves among culinary enthusiasts and gardeners alike.

This intriguing hybrid offers a blend of flavors and uses that might just make it a new favorite in your kitchen and garden.

Unpeeling The Origins Of The Limequat

The limequat is a citrus hybrid, a love child of the key lime and the kumquat, created to combine the best traits of both.

Its origins trace back to the early 20th century, making it a relatively new addition to the citrus family. So, unlike its more widespread relatives, the limequat is still a bit of a novelty.

It boasts the tangy, tart flavor of the lime with the sweet, edible peel of the kumquat, offering a complex taste profile that’s both refreshing and unique.

Not Your Average Lime

At first glance, limequats and limes share a similar green hue and petite size, but the similarities end there.

AnaRocioGF – – illustrative purposes only

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