The Secret To Successfully Using Faux Houseplants In Your Home Decor Is Knowing How To Style Them Alongside The Real Deal, So Here Are Our Top Tips

New Africa - - illustrative purposes only

Sometimes, fake plants are just the worst. They’re expensive, and some of them don’t even look real. However, if you follow a few design rules, faux foliage can become a neat decorating trick that makes your home feel fresh and lively.

The secret to incorporating fake plants into your home decor is to style them alongside real ones. By mixing and matching live plants and artificial ones, you have endless possibilities to improve the aesthetic of your space.

Faux greenery does not require any sunlight, which opens up the number of spots you can place them in. You can’t put real plants on a high shelf or in a dark corner, that’s for sure.

Since you don’t have to worry about faux plants dying, you can participate in different plant trends, like the fiddle leaf fig or the monstera, even if you don’t consider yourself skilled enough to take care of the live versions properly.

As you can see, there are so many benefits to blending organic and artificial greenery. Here are some tips on how to style faux foliage with their live counterparts!

Keep Variety and Quality in Mind

If you’re worried about a plant expert being able to see right through your setup, use fake plants that have care requirements similar to those of the real plants you have. It will help distract from the fact that they’re not real plants.

Additionally, invest in your fake plants, especially if they’re larger in size. You want them to look like the real deal and for them to last a lifetime.

Pass on the one that seems super plasticky, even if it has a smaller price tag, and opt for ones with plenty of texture, shape, and color.

New Africa – – illustrative purposes only

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