Shabby Chic Style Boasts A Blend Of Sophisticated Elements With More Rustic And Vintage Decor, Giving Your Space The Best Of Both Worlds

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When decorating a home, you have so many home aesthetic and style themes to choose from. It can get a little overwhelming trying to decide the kind of vibe you want your home to have.

One style that was popular for quite some time and still has an influence on many homes is ‘shabby chic.’ Do you know what shabby chic is?

This style is great for those who like their house to look nice and proper but not too prim or sophisticated. It combines chic elements with more rustic, vintage, and cottage-esque decor. It’s the best of both worlds for those who walk the line between elegant and cottagecore.

You may have seen products in Target labeled as ‘shabby chic.’ That’s because after creating the aesthetic and coining the term in the 1980s and 90s, designer Rachel Ashwell began partnering with larger retailers to make the style more accessible in people’s homes.

People often lean towards shabby chic because of the homey vibe it gives to a space. After all, don’t you hate when you go into someone’s home, and it doesn’t feel like anyone is supposed to live in it?

There are certain key elements you can add to your home to bring the shabby chic look to life. For instance, a big part of shabby chic is giving antique furniture a second life. Don’t shy away from distressed or old-school style pieces, and don’t be afraid of mixing them with your more modern items.

Emphasizing the relaxed and natural feel of a shabby chic home can help to create a sense of ease and comfort. If every item in your space is pristine, it may kill the laid-back vibe of this style.

Another aspect of shabby chic is filling your home with things that have more of an organic feel to them, like linen blankets and wood. In terms of color palettes, shabby chic tends to keep things neutral. Of course, every space needs a pop of color, but with shabby chic, those colors are usually a bit softer and pastel. Think powder blues, pale pinks, peachy tones, etc.

Shabby chic would not be complete without more chic elements. This could include things like elegant chandeliers, nice vanities, upscale vintage furniture, nice floral arrangements, etc.

4595886 – – illustrative purposes only

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