Here’s How To Make Your Home More Rustic To Create A Space That Feels Cozy And Lived-In Without Looking Cluttered

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Rustic decor is always trending because of how much it makes a house feel like a home. It makes a space look lived-in without feeling too cluttered or messy. While we respect farm life, rustic decor is more our speed since it doesn’t come with all the responsibilities of owning a farm. If you want to give rustic interior design a try, here are some decorating ideas to consider.

Opt For Wooden Accents

One of the most important architectural details of the rustic look is wooden accents. Weathered oak creates a rich vibe that combines roughness with polished elegance. It fits best in most settings, whether it’s the bedroom, living room, or dining area. In the bedroom, weathered oak can be implemented in the form of a bed frame, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, bedside tables, and chairs.

The neutral tone of weathered oak can be paired with just about any color or pattern. Shades of white and cream help wooden accents pop. Gray is also a great color for bringing in an air of sleekness to balance everything out. You can also opt for a more earthy color palette, such as terracottas, browns, and olive tones.

Incorporate Farmhouse Features

Some farmhouse features to incorporate are well-worn exposed wooden beams, reclaimed wood pieces, sliding barn doors, antique accessories, and plants. As we just established, wood is a must-have element of rustic decor. Furthermore, vintage side chairs or pendant lighting will add visual interest and play well with worn-looking but curated textures.

Additionally, bringing the outdoors into your home is always a good idea. Give your space some more country characteristics with a few strategically placed plants. Use decorative baskets or antique brushed brass containers to hold your plants in.

Use Rattan Furniture

The rustic aesthetic requires the use of natural materials. Aside from wood, rattan should also be present within your decor. The woven material of rattan will provide your home with plenty of texture and character.

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purposes only

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