If You Don’t Have A Big Backyard Or Patio, Try Making A Stock Tank Pool

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As a kid, I wanted my parents to put a pool in our backyard so badly. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough space in our backyard, and as I got older, I learned just how expensive it can be to maintain and use a backyard pool.

However, we found other ways to keep cool during the summertime, such as using kiddie pools and running around with our sprinklers on.

There are so many alternative options people use instead of building in-ground pools in their backyard, and one of the recent trending DIY pools is stock tank pools.

If you’ve never heard of stock tank pools, they are small pools made from tanks that farmers often use to give water to their livestock, like horses and cattle. They’re round, usually made of metal, and can be found two to ten feet wide in diameter.

People have started using larger stock tanks measuring about eight to ten feet wide and two feet deep as mini pools for their homes and backyards.

Obviously, these tanks aren’t meant to be pools, and if you only fill them up with hose water occasionally, they’ll get pretty dirty, and you won’t want to sit in them.

So why are people creating pools out of stock tanks? They’re much cheaper than your standard above-ground or in-ground pool and take up less space.

There are ways you can level up a stock tank pool so it can function more like a pool meant to keep you clean and cool!

Also, a stock tank pool will add the perfect look to your backyard if you’re into a more rustic home vibe.

olga_demina – – illustrative purposes only

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