He Got Drunk And Burned A Memory Box Gifted To Him By His Ex-Wife, Who Cheated On Him, But She Saw Videos Of It On Social Media And Called Him Heartless

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This 30-year-old man was previously married. But, he and his ex-wife – who is 28-years-old – got divorced a few months ago after he found out that she was cheating on him.

So, just last week, he invited his 30-year-old guy best friend and his 28-year-old sister over for dinner.

Then, they decided to burn the memory box containing a ton of mementos from his relationship with his ex-wife.

For some context, while they were still together, his ex-wife actually gifted him a decorative box to serve as a little “memory box.”

“Which she filled with keepsakes from the experiences we shared in our relationship. Things like flowers, personal notes, concert ticket stubs, photographs, and a host of other things,” he explained.

But, once their marriage ended, he seemingly didn’t feel the need to hold onto any of that stuff anymore.

That’s why, during the dinner with his best friend and his sister, they all took turns removing items from the box. Then, they lit the items on fire.

“We were all pretty drunk, laughing and having a good time. My sister was also recording it on her phone and putting it on her Instagram stories,” he recalled.

Well, unfortunately, his ex-wife wound up seeing the videos of that night online. So, just last night, his ex-wife actually reached out to his sister – upset about what they’d done to the memory box. His sister sent him a screenshot of the message his ex sent, too.

daffodilred – – illustrative purposes only

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