He Told His Fiancée That Their Relationship Would End If She Got A Motorcycle, But Now She’s Angry About The Ultimatum And Thinks She Shouldn’t Have To Choose

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This man is currently engaged, and he’s been with his fiancée for five years. They also both agree on the fact that motorcycles are very dangerous.

“Not just because of the driver, but because people do not pay attention to motorcycles on the road, and it only takes one person not paying attention or driving recklessly to end your life,” he said.

That’s why he’s always made it crystal clear that he did not want him or his fiancée to get a motorcycle – calling them a “hard no” for him.

Yet, just yesterday, she randomly started talking to him about what it would be like if she got a motorcycle.

At that point, he immediately said he wasn’t comfortable with the idea. But his fiancée just kept going and got hostile. She was annoyed at him for not letting her do “something she wanted.”

Well, this pushed him to clarify that she technically could do whatever she wanted. However, he refuses to be with someone who drives a motorcycle for one main reason.

“I have a very complicated relationship with death as I have lost a lot of people close to me. I also know a lot of people who have passed when riding a motorcycle,” he explained.

So, he would never be willing to sign himself up to deal with the anxiety that comes with a romantic partner owning a motorcycle. He’s even been to therapy after suffering recurring dreams and anxiety that his partner would die in a vehicle accident, which is why he just doesn’t want to deal with the paranoia.

“I know this is my problem and not hers,” he admitted.

Gorodenkoff – – illustrative purposes only

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