Her Best Friend’s Broke Boyfriend Gave Her An Expensive Birthday Present, And It Turns Out It’s A Family Heirloom He Stole From His Mom

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When this 26-year-old woman celebrated her birthday recently, she was shocked to receive a wildly expensive gift from her best friend’s broke boyfriend.

At first, when she opened the present, she thought it was very thoughtful and seemed to be a nod to a trip she took to her mom’s country over the winter.

But after she spent a bit more time with the gift, she thought it seemed too high-end and inappropriate.

So she did a bit of digging on the internet and found out that it’s actually an antique worth thousands of dollars.

“Theories as to what happened included him not being aware of the item’s value, possibly having bought it from someone who didn’t know what they were selling, or him trying to somehow hurt his girlfriend/my friend and/or trying to hit on me in a bizarre, inappropriate way,” she explained.

“I ended up texting my friend and telling her that I had researched the gift and discovered it was worth a very inappropriate amount of money. She was VERY surprised by the entire situation, especially considering her boyfriend (now ex, but more on that later) is perpetually broke and makes her foot the bill for their shared lifestyle.”

“She came over to my place and together, we called him on speakerphone, where she demanded some answers. Long story short: He STOLE it. From his OWN MOTHER.”

Her best friend’s boyfriend didn’t answer all of their questions, but they were able to get enough information out of him to figure out what exactly happened.

On the night of her birthday party, her best friend was running behind, so she told her boyfriend they would need to go separately.

White bear studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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