Her Mother-In-Law Is “Very Bougie” And Always Just Returns The Presents She Buys, So She Doesn’t Want To Get Her Mother-In-Law Any Gifts Anymore

White bear studio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is currently married, and she and her husband have a child together. However, her husband’s stepmother – her mother-in-law – is a “very bougie” person.

Still, she believes that her mother-in-law is a really nice woman. So, they regularly get together with her in-laws about once a month, especially so they can see their grandchild.

But, whenever a holiday or special occasion rolls around, she doesn’t splurge on gifts to match her mother-in-law’s bougie lifestyle. Rather, she tends to buy her mother-in-law smaller gifts or items that are actually useful – like candles or homeware.

“Me and my husband work very hard for our money and are not bougie ourselves, so we can’t buy things like jewelry or handbags or whatever,” she explained.

To be clear, she swore she’d never intentionally buy something that she knew her mother-in-law wouldn’t like, wear, or use. After all, that would be a waste of money.

Yet, even after putting thought into her albeit smaller gifts, she realized that her mother-in-law always just returned the presents to her and her husband.

“With an excuse that she either doesn’t like the scent or she just doesn’t use it,” she revealed.

“I can understand not liking the smell of something, but am I wrong in thinking it’s extremely rude to return a gift?”

Apparently, this has happened on so many occasions that she’s become seriously fed up. So now, she doesn’t even want to give her mother-in-law any more gifts moving forward because she knows they’ll just get returned.

White bear studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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