She Went Out With A Guy Who Claimed To Love Tall Women, But He Wouldn’t Even Stand Next To Her And Kept Laughing When His Friend Made Jokes About Her Height

Jeremy Francis - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back in 2016, TikToker Katarina (@katarinakitt) was in her first year of college at the University of Albany in New York, which was when she underwent the worst dating experience of her life with a guy who made her feel insecure about her height.

So, they met after Katarina’s friend had posted a video of her dancing on social media. Her boyfriend’s best friend, who she referred to as Jay, commented on it, praising her beauty and saying that he needed to have her phone number.

Katarina thought it was super cute. They began texting and calling each other for the next three or four months.

When they first started texting, Jay asked her how tall she was. He claimed that he loved tall women since he was 6’1.” She was 5’9.” At one point, her friend’s boyfriend decided to make the trip up to visit, and Jay would be tagging along.

It was their chance to go out on a date. When he arrived to pick her up for their date, she saw that there was another guy in the car with him, and it wasn’t her friend’s boyfriend.

As she got into the car, the guy made a joke about her height, saying that she must be 6’5.” Jay laughed, which made her feel uncomfortable, but she pretended that she didn’t hear it.

They drove to the hotel where Jay was staying to drop off his friend. Then, Jay and Katarina went out to eat.

The whole time, he refused to stand next to her and always tried to get the higher ground. At the time, she thought he was just nervous. They ended up returning to the hotel to meet up with everyone later. Jay’s friend happened to be in their room.

While they were waiting for the rest of their friends to show up, they just hung out and watched TV.

Jeremy Francis – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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