He Caught His Wife Cheating, So He Made Her Call All Their Loved Ones To Confess As His One Condition To Not Proceed With Divorce

Goran - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

People have had many different reactions to finding out their spouse cheated on them or had an affair. However, I haven’t quite heard of one like this before.

One man recently found out his wife was having an affair and told her the only thing that would prevent him from filing for divorce was if she told all their friends and family about her betrayal.

He and his wife of five years are in their early 30s and have three children. A few months ago, he came across some texts on his wife’s phone that made it clear she had been having an affair.

After going back and forth with her, his wife eventually confessed that she had a month-long affair with a coworker she caught feelings for.

His wife tearfully admitted the affair was wrong, and she was over it before giving him some space to figure out his next move.

“My wife gave me space, but she asked me many times to reconsider divorce because it would uproot the lives of our children,” he said.

“After a week, I decided that I needed only one thing from my wife to completely forgive her [which] was [for her] to call each and every one of her friends and family and confess to her affair. I told her that was my only condition. She was really hesitant and asked me if I could reconsider the condition because this would ruin a lot of her friendships and family relationships. I told her this was what I needed as a part of my forgiveness process.”

Despite his wife’s protests, he told her that if she didn’t tell their friends and family about what she had done, he’d start meeting with divorce lawyers. So, she complied, but it wasn’t a pretty process.

“Over the next week, my wife made a phone call to all of her friends, parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, aunts, pretty much anyone she knew and confessed to her affair,” he explained.

Goran – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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