Her Stepdaughter’s Husband Constantly Checks Her Out, And His Behavior Has Destroyed Their Relationship

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This 38-year-old woman has a husband who is 52, and he has children from a previous marriage. She married her husband five years ago, but ever since she met his kids, things haven’t gone so well.

The issue is that her stepdaughter’s husband has always looked and her in a way she describes as “malicious.”

Her stepdaughter’s husband constantly stares at her backside or chest, and her stepdaughter notices this behavior because he’s not subtle about it.

Her husband’s dad recently passed away, and at the funeral, her stepdaughter’s husband was staring at her nonstop while her stepdaughter noticed the whole thing.

“I was horrified and tried to ignore it, but when I approached my stepdaughter to tell her I was sorry for her grandfather’s death, she ignored me and just kept on walking,” she explained.

“I was embarrassed, and a couple of people witnessed it. I now feel like the villain or the wicked stepmom. I see people are noticing it, but no one seems to want to say anything.”

Her relationship with her stepdaughter has been destroyed by the wandering eyes of this poor girl’s husband.

She eventually decided to sit down with her husband and talk to him about everything, and he’s aware of the problem but he’s unsure about what to do.

Her husband admitted to her that her stepdaughter is beginning to act negatively about her with him because of all this.

BGStock72 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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