Here’s How You Can Grow Candy Onions, A Surprisingly Sweet Hybrid Variety

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Imagine biting into an onion, but instead of getting hit with a sour tang, you taste something unexpectedly mild and sweet. That’s the surprise of the candy onion.

This hybrid variety, known for its large, globe-shaped bulbs and remarkably sweet flavor, has become a favorite among both novice and seasoned gardeners alike.

So, whether you’re looking to jazz up your salads, sweeten your sautés, or simply try your hand at growing something new, here’s everything you need to know about cultivating sweet onions in your very own backyard.

What Are Candy Onions?

Candy onions are a hybrid of the common onion and sweet onion varieties. They’re loved for their perfect balance between sweet and mild flavor, lacking the sharp bite often associated with their cousins.

In terms of appearance, they have pale yellow skin and white flesh. They also grow to impressive sizes, making them a standout at any farmer’s market or garden.

Planting Your Candy Onions

The best time to plant Candy onions is early spring, as soon as the last frost has passed, and these onions just prefer a sunny spot with well-draining soil.

So, you can begin by enriching your soil with compost to provide the nutrients these onions crave. Then, plant the seeds or sets (small bulbs) about an inch deep and four to six inches apart to give each onion ample room to expand.

Sea Wave – – illustrative purposes only

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