His Friend’s Fiancée Is A Big Prankster, So She Wanted Him To Jokingly “Object” During Her Wedding Ceremony, Make It Seem Like He’s Into Her And Then Go For The Groom, But He’s Not Comfortable With The Idea

Alex Vog - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 23-year-old man’s best friend, 35, is getting married, and he is a groomsman. His friend’s fiancée, 33, is a prankster, and everyone always thinks her pranks are hilarious. She’s never done anything to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Her most elaborate prank was pretending to “‘accidentally'” ruin her fiancé’s old Toshiba laptop by ruining the screen. However, she’d backed everything up and secretly purchased the brand-new Alienware computer her fiancé had spent two years saving money for. Her pranks are harmless and all in good fun.

On the other hand, his friend is serious and rational, so their drastically different personalities balance each other out. Luckily, his friend thinks his fiancée’s pranks are funny, and her humor brings a lot of fun and joy to their relationship.

Since his friend and his friend’s fiancée don’t put that much importance on a huge, extravagant wedding ceremony, they’re getting married at the courthouse. They’re going to use most of their money on a fantastic reception for their close family and friends.

The best man and maid of honor will be witnesses, and he’ll also be a witness at the courthouse ceremony. His friend and his friend’s fiancée will invite four or five additional friends to the reception, as well as some of his friend’s family members. The bride loved this idea since she had anxiety about huge events, but she didn’t think it would be a super exciting wedding.

“So, she wants to pull a pretty notable prank by having a dramatic objection or something during the ceremony. Since I’ll be the only single on there, she wants me to do the objection thing, to seem like I’m going for her, and then — plot twist! — vie for the groom,” he said.

The bride also suggested having a sword fight for the groom’s hand in marriage. His friend and his friend’s fiancée have a massive sword collection. During this conversation, the maid of honor was around.

While brainstorming, the bride mentioned that the maid of honor could secretly bring two of the smaller swords into the courthouse, but the maid of honor responded that this was a dumb idea. He was relieved until the maid of honor finished her thought.

“She’d get fake swords since there could be issues smuggling in actual swords. Plus, she’d run it by the officiant and whoever else she’d have to at the courthouse to make sure not too much of a commotion was created,” he explained.

Alex Vog – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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