His Wife Wants To Quit College For The Third Time To Stay Home Unemployed, So He’s Considering A Divorce

brizmaker - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Around four years ago, this 27-year-old man’s 27-year-old wife mentioned to him out of nowhere that she couldn’t handle college.

He tried his best to support his wife and said she could quit, and they could find her a job while figuring out what she should do from there.

So, his wife dropped out of college, and he spent quite some time supporting them financially until his wife secured a job.

Then, two years ago, his wife unexpectedly got pregnant, and he felt so secure in their relationship that he was happy to keep their baby.

His wife went on maternity leave, and then said she would like to go back to college in her time off from her job.

It took his wife a bit to choose a degree, and she eventually selected the same major she had previously dropped out of college for.

His wife thought she could pick up where she had left off, and he questioned her about if she was concerned about being able to complete her degree.

His wife reassured him that she felt more grown up after becoming a mom, so she was ready for the challenge.

His wife ultimately went to college for one consecutive month before insisting she dreaded it and had terrible anxiety.

brizmaker – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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