She Caught Her Daughter Drunk Driving, So She Doesn’t Want To Let Her Bring A Car Back To College, But Her Husband Disagrees

mitarart - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband have a 20-year-old daughter together, and while she was outside working in the backyard two days ago, she thought her daughter was just inside watching golf with her husband.

Yet, she soon discovered that her daughter – who had been drinking that afternoon– actually drove while drunk to pick up some food. So, when she made that shocking realization, she immediately got into her own car, picked up her daughter, and drove her home.

Now, her daughter is supposed to be going back to college any day now in order to start working an internship. But, given what happened, she wants to send her daughter back without her car.

“I am adamant that she cannot have the car anymore until she earns my trust back,” she said.

After all, her daughter could just fly back to college. Then, while working the internship, her daughter could use public transportation to get around or use Lyft or Uber.

Quite frankly, she doesn’t seem to care what her daughter chooses to use, either. All she knows is that her daughter won’t be able to use her car after driving drunk.

“Which is actually not her car, as it was purchased for her by her dad,” she added.

However, the issue is that her husband actually disagrees with her on this and wants their daughter to drive her car back to campus.

“This is the same guy who called her while she was out drinking drunk, and all he did was tell her to ‘get home safely,'” she revealed.

mitarart – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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