She Disappeared In 2005 After Dropping Her Husband Off At Work, And Two Other Women Vanished In The Same Area Within 30 Days

NamUs - pictured above is Wendy

In 2005, 44-year-old Wendy Dehoop lived in Cottage Grove, Oregon, with her husband, Dan.

She’d previously worked as a police dispatcher. But, in 2005, she was working at Georgia-Pacific Mill.

Every single day, she and her husband also commuted to work together. Dan worked at a Home Depot located in the 1000 block of Green Acres Road in Eugene, Oregon. So, Wendy would first drop her husband off before traveling about 30 miles to get to her job in Halsey, Oregon.

That’s why April 22, 2005, began just like any other morning. First, Wendy dropped off her husband at about 7:00 a.m. Then, she was supposed to travel to Georgia-Pacific Mill.

However, Wendy never showed up at work that day, and after she failed to arrive, both her husband and employer reported her missing.

Six days later, on April 28, 2005, a man walking his dog discovered Wendy’s purse. Her wallet was missing, but the man turned the purse over to employees at the Eugene Bi-mart store.

Then, four days after the discovery of Wendy’s purse, the same man who found it actually led authorities to her car. Wendy drove a white two-door 1990 Toyota Corolla SR5 with the Oregon license plate number YCH635.

The vehicle was found parked on Lorane Highway, close to Fillmore Street, in Eugene, Oregon.

But, the scene showed no signs of Wendy. So, the Lane County Sheriff’s Office impounded the vehicle before it was brought to the Oregon State Police crime lab, which is located in Springfield.

NamUs – pictured above is Wendy

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