She Got Her Brother And Sister-In-Law Kicked Out Of The House After Her Sister-In-Law Destroyed Her Birthday Outfit And Refused To Pay For It

Ph_Krusanov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 17-year-old girl’s older brother, Jacob, 26, is engaged to his fiancée, Amber, 27. Jacob and Amber are about to have a baby and have been dating for 9 years.

While planning the wedding and apartment hunting for a larger space, her parents allowed Jacob and Amber to live with them. Amber’s parents have unfortunately never approved of her relationship with Jacob. Her parents have a close bond with Amber, though.

She’s turning 18 next weekend and planning a birthday celebration with her family. Her parents have been thrilled to help plan it with her. They decided to have lunch at Olive Garden and dinner at their house.

“I decided to get a new dress, corset belt, and flats so I could look nice for it since we’re inviting some of my relatives. I paid for it all since my parents were already paying for the lunch, dinner, cake, and gifts,” she said.

In total, she spent $79 on her birthday outfit. Since Amber learned of her upcoming birthday get-together, she’s been criticizing the party, complaining about how over-the-top she thinks it is for one child to have such a huge celebration. Amber also mentioned that she never had a massive 18th birthday party.

She thought Amber’s negative comments were strange, especially because Jacob rented a huge room at their local community center for his 18th birthday party. But she pushed the comments aside and acknowledged that for her past birthdays when Amber has been around, the celebrations weren’t as big.

After purchasing her new dress, she hung it on her closet door. One day, Amber walked into her bedroom to ask her a question, and she noticed that Amber made a strange face when she saw the dress.

Two days ago, she arrived home and heard her parents screaming at Amber. She walked into the living room, where the fight was happening, and asked what they were arguing about.

“Apparently, my mom caught Amber ripping out the soles of my new shoes. She also went at my dress and belt with scissors, cutting the ribbons and lace,” she explained.

Ph_Krusanov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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