She Got A Tattoo Of Her Former Roommate’s Cat After She Moved Out Because She Missed The Pet, But Now They’re Calling Her “Disrespectful” And Harassing Her About Having The Tattoo Removed

Look! - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’ve lived with someone for a while and they had a pet, chances are you probably bonded with that pet. 

For instance, I once lived with a friend who had a very friendly cat, and I was pretty bummed about not being able to see it after I moved.

The same thing happened to one woman who decided to get a tattoo of her former roommate’s cat, who she’s been missing since moving away. Now, her former roommates are harassing her and telling her to remove it.

She’s 22 and used to live with her guy best friend, Jake, and his girlfriend, Victoria. They’re all around the same age and lived together for two years. While they all got along fine for the most part, Victoria became cold toward her after a while and convinced Jake to ask her to move out so they could have their own place together.

At first, she refused to move and asked Jake and Victoria to get a new place since the rental market was very difficult to navigate. 

Instead of complying or compromising, Jake and Victoria started acting like bad roommates to push her out, leaving the place a mess, refusing to do their chores, being rude and distant on purpose, etc. They got their way, and she moved out a while ago. 

She hasn’t been in touch with Jake and Victoria since then, as their actions tarnished their friendship. However, there was something about her former apartment that she really missed.

“Victoria had a cat, Oreo, that I got very close to,” she said.

“I didn’t grow up with pets, so Oreo was the first pet I ever had a connection with. I would cat-sit for free when they were away, change her litter, etc., because I loved the cat. However, four months before they asked me to move out, Victoria started getting weird about Oreo. Suddenly, I wasn’t allowed to be alone in a room with Oreo with the door shut; I wasn’t allowed to feed her, brush her, post photos of her, or even pet her in front of Victoria.”

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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