She Just Found Out Her Lifelong Male Acquaintance Is Married To Her Coworker, Who Might Be Cheating On Him, But She’s Not Sure If She Should Say Anything To Him

Mangostar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 40-year-old woman has known a guy named Nathan, who is also 40, for practically her entire life.

They first met in elementary school and eventually graduated high school together. She and Nathan also grew up in the same small town, only about two miles apart from each other.

Now, she and Nathan were never exactly friends, but they did talk sometimes. She was more friends with Nathan’s older brother, Chris, who acted like Nathan’s protector because he got picked on as a kid.

“He’s a sweet guy, nice. He wears glasses and is kinda goofy looking, so he got bullied in school,” she explained.

Anyway, she hadn’t really spoken to Nathan much ever since they graduated school together. They would mostly just communicate via the occasional text, asking how the other was doing.

More recently, though, Nathan actually posted a photo of his family on Facebook, and she realized that she actually knew his wife.

“I put two and two together. He’s married to a coworker of mine. A woman that no one likes,” she revealed.

After realizing that, she reached out to one of her male coworkers to figure out what their female coworker’s last name was. It was then that she confirmed Nathan was really married to her female coworker.

However, her male coworker also had some additional gossip. He claimed that their female coworker actually had a “secret chat” that she used to talk to other guys. On top of that, her male coworker said that their female coworker – Nathan’s wife – even showed it to him once!

Mangostar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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