She Just Found Out Her Lifelong Male Acquaintance Is Married To Her Coworker, Who Might Be Cheating On Him, But She’s Not Sure If She Should Say Anything To Him

Now, she really doesn’t know if Nathan’s wife has been “full-blown cheating” on him or if she’s having an emotional affair.

“Or if she’s just looking for male attention. I know nothing about their marriage,” she added.

All she knows is that Nathan and his wife have an 11-year-old son who has special needs. But, in her mind, cheating is “abhorrent.” So, she thinks that, if she were Nathan, she would definitely want to know about the “secret chat.”

“But I also don’t want to create potentially unnecessary issues in a marriage that could be happy,” she vented.

That’s why she’s now not sure if she should reach out to Nathan and tell him that his wife might be cheating on him or not.

Do you think she should tell Nathan what she heard from her male coworker? Or do you think she needs more information before possibly ruining his marriage? What would you do in her shoes?

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