She Said Her Ex-Husband Is Just Like His Absent Father Because He’s Constantly Bailing On Their Young Daughter

Yuliia - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

It’s so disappointing when people who were raised by lousy parents start treating their children poorly instead of stopping the problematic and traumatic cycle.

One woman recently got into a nasty argument with her ex-husband, where she compared him to his lousy father because he hasn’t been there for their daughter.

She and her ex-husband are in their 30s and have a five-year-old daughter. After two years of marriage, they divorced when their daughter was only a year old. It was a sudden and traumatizing experience for her, as her ex suddenly packed up all his things and left while she was running errands. He left a note explaining that he had met someone else and wanted a divorce.

“During our divorce, he tried to fight for full custody despite not having seen her for 6 months, which was denied because he was in the military and, at times, constantly moving,” she said.

“I got full custody; he got holidays with supervision if he’s not deployed. Shortly after our divorce, he married his new wife, and they settled down in the [same] city. He’s still in the military but now he’s on a specific base. I asked if he wanted to revise the custody since he was no longer traveling, and he said [there was] no need and he wanted to take things slow. Since our divorce, he has maybe seen [our daughter] 11 times over four years.”

This has been super unsettling, especially considering her ex lives nearby and could easily make time for their daughter if he wanted to. Over the last four years, there have been several instances of her ex making plans to see their daughter, then canceling at the last minute.

Although her daughter is still very young, she’s had to go to therapy to cope with her dad’s flakiness.

Things recently came to a head when her ex said he’d be able to take their daughter for an entire weekend, then called at 1:00 am the morning he was supposed to get her and canceled.

“After some back and forth, he says it’s because his wife is upset with him spending time with her, and she gets jealous,” she explained.

Yuliia – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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