She Vanished After Visiting A Local Beauty Salon In 1992, And Her Car Was Discovered Burned Less Than 12 Hours Later

Facebook - pictured above is Felicia

Born on August 10, 1965, Felicia Cochran had three children and was estranged from her husband by the time she was just 26 in 1992. Then, in July of that year, she tragically disappeared after leaving to visit a local beauty salon.

It all began on July 11, 1992, when Felicia asked her 10-year-old daughter, Brandi Nicole Martin if she also wanted to join her at the beauty salon. However, her daughter turned down the offer, so Felicia left their home alone.

“Mom, I remember the last time I saw you, you asked if I wanted to go with you to the beauty salon. I said no. Had I known that would be the last time I would see you, my answer would have been unquestionably YES! That beauty salon was the last place you were seen,” Brandi wrote in a letter to her mother 20 years after Felicia’s disappearance.

It was approximately 6:00 p.m. when Felicia drove away from her mother’s house in her car – a 1987 grey Nissan Sentra. She reportedly traveled toward the Birmingham area and arrived at the beauty salon. But what occurred afterward is still unknown, and Felicia was never seen or heard from again – leaving behind two daughters, Brandi and Tonya, and a son, Quadarius.

“Twenty years ago today, your mother had you declared legally missing. You were only 26 years old. That was the day my world changed; life became a difficult place for me to navigate, unfamiliar,” Brandi recalled in her letter.

“You were the love that was never and can ever be replaced. I miss that Tonya and I can’t have those mother-daughter moments with you: shopping, us crawling in your bed telling you our life’s problems, and you telling us everything is going to be OK, or simply calling to say, ‘I love you’ or asking, ‘How was your day today?”

Witnesses reportedly told authorities that she had been arguing with someone in the beauty salon’s parking lot. In fact, the witnesses even knew Felicia and reportedly dialed 911 out of concern for her wellbeing. Yet, when police officers arrived on the scene, Felicia was nowhere to be found.

Then, not even 12 hours later, her car was found abandoned and burned on a remote road located in Talladega County, Alabama. To this day, the exact circumstances surrounding her disappearance remain unknown, and her case is still unsolved.

“I wish I could ask you about your childhood, your college days, or what falling in love was like for you. I wish I could tell you thank you for the sacrifices you made for me and being a great example of what a Mother is,” Brandi continued in her letter.

Facebook – pictured above is Felicia

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