Spotting A Striking Red Cardinal Is Said To Be A Sign That A Departed Loved One Is Showing Their Support During A Time Of Stress Or Uncertainty

Buddy Woods - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual bird

Over the last year, I’ve been seeing beautiful red cardinals more often. At first, I mostly saw them when visiting my mom’s house, and I figured I was only seeing them because she doesn’t live too far from some woods.

Then, I began seeing them in stranger places, like when I was apartment touring in a hustling and bustling neighborhood in New York City, where, at the most, you’ll see a flock of pigeons on a usual basis.

I started seeing a cardinal while driving, on walks, or just sitting and looking out the window, and it got to the point where I wondered if these beautiful bird sightings that not everyone gets to see every day were some kind of spiritual sign.

If you’re like me and have ever had a warm, fuzzy feeling after seeing a breathtaking red cardinal, here are some special meanings behind that encounter.

For years, many people have believed that when you’re lucky enough to spot a cardinal, especially during a time of stress or uncertainty, and suddenly feel safe or loved upon seeing the red bird, it’s a departed loved one showing their support.

When I read about that, I felt especially happy, as I lost my grandmother a few years ago, and I love the idea of her spirit being represented through the gorgeous red songbirds.

Other than representing the spirit of a late loved one, cardinals have also been universal symbols of optimism and hope for several reasons.

One reason is their bright red color, which brings excitement and joy.

Another is that cardinals in America don’t migrate during the winter but instead stick around, continuing to let us enjoy their red beauty, encouraging us to hang on, even when conditions are rough.

Buddy Woods – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual bird

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