When Left In The Sun, Plastic Water Bottles Release Toxic Compounds That Can Cause Cancer

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On a hot, sunny day, drinking water from a plastic water bottle comes with some risks, as a new study has found out.

According to an analysis from Grand View Research, about 50 billion plastic water bottles are purchased in America every year.

Bottled water is often thought of as a safer alternative to tap water because it is cleaner and contains fewer contaminants.

However, the safety of bottled water depends on the quality of your local drinking water and how it is stored.

Bottled water actually comes with more hazards than people think. In the past, scientists have discovered thousands of plastic particles in each liter of bottled water.

Additionally, these plastic containers can release harmful chemicals associated with hormonal imbalances, such as bisphenol A and BPA.

Now, researchers have identified a new danger from plastic bottles. When they are left out in the sun, plastic water bottles unleash toxic compounds that can cause cancer.

Scientists from Jinan University in China analyzed the gases that six types of plastic water bottles release when they are exposed to sunlight and UVA radiation.

The bottles were from different countries, including China, Japan, Italy, Canada, and New Zealand. They contained spring water, distilled water, and artesian water.

yrabota – – illustrative purposes only

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