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    Try Not to Stab Your iPad with this Knife Holder Stand

    That game is totally real, by the way. It’s real, and CTA Digital just raised the bar on everyone by combining even more things into one thing, which is how you win accessory games. Their Bamboo Adjustable Kitchen Stand steps it up by throwing in a kitchen knife holder. Alright, granted, maybe knives aren’t the […]

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    ColorWare Wedge for iPad Review

    When it comes to stands for your iPad, there are quite a few options available. But few are as cool and stylish as the Wedge from ColorWare. I’ll tell you upfront that you can get another stand for a lot cheaper, but if you want a great product that will set you apart from the rest, […]

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    ColorWare Drives a Wedge Between You and Other iPad Stands

    Is your iPad 2 so fussy that just an average stand won’t do. Well ColorWare is so fond of making iPad accessories. Remember the Grip and Grip 2? That they have now made the Wedge for your iPad 2. The Wedge is basically an indestructible stand because of its billet aluminum construction.  So go ahead […]

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    TabGrip Jacket & Stand for iPad Review

    iPad cases have been getting crazier-looking and more unique by the day. Today, we present the latest crazy unique iPad case: the TabGrip. TabGrip is a protective jacket for iPad that has an integrated stand. It can prop up your iPad in any orientation and at various viewing angles. TabGrip provides iPad a comfortable grip […]